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The whole reason I started this blog was to serve as an advertising tool for my online jewelry (Yes, that was a shameless plug.) But I thought it would be nice to introduce you to my family---to go "behind the scenes" of Simply Charming! So here we are....The Chamberlain Clan!

This is a picture of my husband, Brian, and me at a Carolina Panther's football game a few weekends ago. We LOVE football, and have been diehard Panthers' fans for quite some time. Brian and I got married on the beach at Isle of Palms, SC, on September 25, 2004. He isn't just my best friend, but he's my partner in crime, too. He has been SO supportive and helpful in getting my little jewelry business off the ground!!! Meet our furbabies:

Dizzy is furbaby #1. And believe me, he stands by that title! As far as he is concerned, he is the ONLY cat in the universe, and all other animals are inferior. He prefers to be adored in a much more dignified manner---he is above all squishing and snuggling. His favorite past time is knocking my book over when I'm trying to read. He embodies the phrase "Mama's Boy."

This is Harry! Though you can't tell in this picture, he doesn't have a tail. He is a Manx, and is the sweetest cat we've ever had. He's very loving, and will sit in your lap and give you kitty kisses all day long. He LOVES roast beef, so don't come to our house with a sandwich from Arby's unless you want a lap full of black cat!!

Pip is baby #3---he's anyone and everyone's cat. He LOVES to eat (if you can't tell from the picture) and despite being our largest cat, has the teeniest little meow. If you've ever seen the cartoon video of the cat trying to wake his owner with a baseball bat, then you have a pretty good impression of how lil Pipper can be when it's dinner time.

Finally, this is my little Scooter. :) He joined our family in April of this year, after we tragically lost our kitten, Eddie. Scoot is hilarious, and he is my right-hand man. You will probably see him on this blog the most often, because he LOVES jumping into frame when I'm trying to shoot pictures of my jewelry! His favorite game is the "Shower Curtain Game." Beware---he will get your feet!
There you have it---my family. Now you know me! (Or a little about me, anyway!) Stay tuned for new pictures on my etsy site in the next few days---I FINALLY got my photography light box in the mail today, and I will be experimenting with it later this evening. Thanks for reading my blog!


Nascarnana said...

Hi Abby,
Your blog looks great. I have got mine looking like i want it but I have a new computer so my it will improve.
Your cats are adorable. We have one Missy she owns the house lets us live with her.
Talk to you later.
Hazel (nascarnana)


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