Posted by Abby on 11:22 AM

I seem to be making some headway when it comes to photographing my jewelry!! After a frustrating evening of shooting with my new light box kit (and breaking a light 30 minutes after setting up) I was almost ready to throw in the towel! But after a genius suggestion from a fellow TeamSC member, I found the manual for my camera online, and have finally figured out how to adjust the white balance, and how to shoot in the macro setting! It only took me two months!!!

I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to re-shoot all my jewelry and update my etsy shop with new, crisp, bright photographs of my jewelry. I'm really, really hoping that it will improve my sales!! I've been on etsy since early September, and still have only made 2 sales.
So you tell me---can you tell a difference between this photo, taken outside in natural light with no macro or white balance:

And this one, taken with the light box:

I still have some configuration to do, and practice, but I think I'm onto something! This is the first "close up" shot I've gotten of any of my jewelry since I started without manually zooming or cropping in the post-editing. I'm very hopeful!!!!!



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