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It never occured to me, when I decided to open an etsy shop, that I would need so many skillsets to be successful. So far, in the past 2 months, I've taught myself how to use photoshop, I've pretty much gone to "internet" school to learn how to take semi-professional photography, I've started up two new blogs, and now I'm learning to advertise and promote my shop in as many ways as possible.

Not that I'm whining about it---it's actually a blast. I've learned a lot about myself in this process, and reaffirmed things I already knew. (i.e. I enjoy teaching myself how to do things no one else I know can do; I'm stubborn and refuse to give up when something challenging presents itself.)

The one thing I will indulge and allow myself to whine about is the lack of traffic on my etsy site. I have recently been putting more work into promoting my site, and advertising, than I have actually making jewelry. Which is frustrating, because that's the whole REASON I started the site to begin with! It seems that etsy has gotten so saturated with sellers that buyers are too overwhelmed from the get go to actually take the time to shop. PARTICULARLY in the jewelry business. Is it weird that I've never really known anyone who makes their own handcrafted jewelry, and yet, there seems to be a trillion of us out there, most of them selling on etsy???

I refuse to give up. However, I will be taking more time to CREATE, rather than PROMOTE, in the near future. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I'm going to get started on in the next 2 weeks, once my Thanksgiving trip is out of the way, that will hopefully create a unique aspect to my shop that will draw in some potential customers. If I can't sell jewelry, I'll try something else. My husband, the ever crafty one, is helping me develop something new for my shop----so stay tuned for that!!! I hope to have two or three up by the end of next week---and you can bet your bippy that I'll be talking about them loudly and proudly!!!!

I also took some advice from fellow etsian and TeamSC leader, Ashley, and added a widget to my blog called "Entrecard." It's basically free advertising, and if you don't have it, check it out at may take forever to load, because it's that popular, but it's based on a credit system, and the more you use it, the more credits you receive, which goes to purchase you free advertising on other people's blogs. GREAT concept! Check it out if you don't have it. And if you do, drop your card with me!!!!

And so, until after the holidays, I bid you farewell, and Happy Turkey!


Periwinkle Studio said...

Please don't feel discouraged because it has been slow for so many people on Etsy. I decided to take some time and create more without losing my money to re-listing fees. That is just me. I wish you tons of success!

cherscrap23 said...

Best wishes on your success, you are very talented; your items are gorgeous!

MySweetThree said...

Just wanted to wish you the best on Etsy...I am like you in that I don't personally know any crafty people everywhere..but Etsy makes it seem like they are around every corner, right? My shop is on hold right now, until I move, but I am off to check out yours..take care!

Lenox Knits said...

There really is so much to learn about selling our handmade items. It sounds like you are a thoughtful and creative seller so I'm sure success will be coming.

Plaidfuzz said...

Entrecard brings a LOT of traffic to your blog if you are faithful about dropping. I hear ya about the promoting tho, I am a single mom and work full time and its hard to fit everything in.


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