Posted by Abby on 5:52 PM

Hello World! Here I am!

Upon the suggestion of my fellow etsians, I have decided to expand my "blogging" world beyond the confines of the myspace blog I've so desperately clung to for years.

So here's what you need to know about me! My name is Abby, I'm 27 years old and happily married to my college sweetheart, Brian. We are the happy parents to 4 fur babies, our cats: Dizzy, Harry, Pip and Scooter. I am an avid reader and crafter. And with those hobbies came my most recent passion: my etsy shop, Simply Charming in S.C.!

I started creating jewelry earlier this year, when a friend of mine turned me on to I bought some earrings she'd created, and upon inspection, decided I'd like to try my hand at the craft. One afternoon in Michael's, another afternoon in the bookstore, and by day 3, I was hooked!

Now I've started trying to sell my wares on etsy, which for those who may not be familiar, is a site that promotes artistry. All items sold on Etsy are handmade, and it's a great place to shop!

With the holidays looming, I'm trying to get as many eyes on my site as possible, so I decided to create a new blog, on which I'll share with you upcoming Etsy sales, pictures of my jewelry, and blogs that will let you glimpse into the life of a jewelry artist. I hope you'll laugh with me, appreciate my jewelry, and maybe even learn something!



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