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I'm fairly new to this whole "blog" world. I got started on myspace about 3 years ago, just blogging about my everyday life, my weight loss journey, my view on politics and the world. It wasn't until I started my etsy shop that I realized just how important a working blog really is, especially in this online business world.

About a month ago, I joined Entrecard, which for those who might not know, is a totally free, efficient way of advertising your OWN blog, right here on blogger. I've found it to be an eye-opening experience! Not only do I find that I actually have traffic on MY blog, but I've learned a lot about blogging itself.

Of course, every blog author or reader has a particular style they appreciate...some people's blogs are very simple and straight-forward, others are colorful and chaotic. Since I started "dropping" my card with other bloggers, I've come to appreciate quite a few blogs that appeal to my sense of what great blogs look like.

So I've decided to feature a few blogs, once a week, that I love--whether they're well written, fun to look at, or have great content. I hope you'll enjoy these selections I've chosen for you to enjoy!!! (PS: All the photos are clickable buttons---they take you straight there! Neato, spiffy!)

Cen's Loft is a crafting blog that focuses mostly on scrapbooking. I love this blog because it's colorful without being too overwhelming, and the layout is perfectly pleasing to the eye!

Tizzaliscious is a fellow etsy artist, and what I LOVE about her blog is that, as soon as it pops up on my screen, I'm immediately happy. Her layout is so simple, but the photos she uploads to her blog just makes me want to stay. Lots of pinks and's just pleasing to the eye. Which is why I love her Etsy shop as well!

Jen Cooks is a blog must-see for any foodie. There are SO many over-stuffed, pretentious food/cooking blogs in the world, and my favorite thing about Jen's site is that she actually cooks the way I would at home!! Her photos are always fantastic, and it makes me feel like I'm right in her kitchen with her. Plus, her blog is extremely well-written, and her goofy sense of humor really appeals to me. This is an example of a blog that I will return to over and over again, just to join in some of Jen's kitchen antics! (PS: That's not her logo, just a free gif I found online!)

Love cats? Try out Chick & Pumuckl. This blog author is SO creative...the blog is written from the kitties' point of view! SO GREAT!! My husband and I have entire conversations with our cats, so reading this blog makes me feel a little less crazy, as I'm now aware of the fact that there are other pet owners who talk for their animals out there, too. (Again, not her logo, but a picture of my own, adorable Scooter.)

Of course, I must also promote the SC Etsy street team blog here, as well, as it is one of the blogs I visit on a regular basis. For any etsy artist looking for a finger-tip guide to shopping South Carolina on Etsy, this blog is a wealth of information. You'll find a link to every SC Team Member's shop here, as well as several blogs! You just can't beat that in my little blog world!

So there you have it! Just a handful of blogs that I love to read. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do, and stay tuned for more later!

Until then, happy crafting, from,


Crystal Raen said...

Great blog! Am going to check out all the links now!

Urs is much longer than mine tho...hmmm...perhaps I need to learn to be more wordy.

Oh and how easy is it to earn the points the Entrecard mentions?

Read ya later (corny I know)

Tizzalicious said...

Aww, thanks for the nice shout out! :)

Crystal Raen said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to entrecard! It is so much fun so far, I love finding all these interesting blogs that I never would've known about before! :-)


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