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For those who read my blog on a regular basis, you may remember me talking about finding the "perfect" Christmas gift for my that would outgift the present he was touting as the "super" gift he'd planned for me.'s the story.

In a flash of genius, I realized what that perfect gift would be...a bass guitar amp. You see, before hubby and I got together, he was an avid self-taught bassist. (Is that a word?) When we first started dating, if I unexpectedly stopped by or called, he was playing his bass. There were even times when he WAS expecting me that I would find him plugged in and jamming to one of his favorite 311 tunes. His bass guitar was a part of his past, and when we got together, I was adamant about him continuing to play. I'd fallen in love with him, bass and all, and it was something he was passionate about. So when I graduated from college and we made the move to S.C., the bass came along, too.

It only took about 3 weeks in S.C. for me to realize that getting a job in the newspaper business was going to be harder than I'd originally anticipated. And Brian, who works in the restaurant industry, was astounded to find out that he couldn't find a job, either (in the restaurant capital of the south???!) And so, with chagrin, we started pawning stuff to pay the rent. One of our tvs went first....then a VCR....then a stereo....before too long, we were digging in couch cushions and under the floor mats of our car just to find change to buy groceries with. Brian kept hinting at selling the bass, but I put my foot down. "No," I said. "You cannot sell your bass. It will absolutely break my heart."
One morning Brian gently shook me awake. "Abby," he said. "Time to get up...we need to go grocery shopping." And he had $200 in his hand. He'd gotten up in the wee hours, packed up his bass guitar, and gone down to the local pawn shop. I was devastated. I cried for HOURS.
Eventually, Brian got his job at Queen Anne's Revenge, where he still works, and I took up a management position at a local K-B Toy Store. We started making ends meet...and several years later, here we are.

About a year and a half ago, I mentioned to Brian that he should consider picking up the bass again. We went to our local guitar shop, did some shopping, and came home the proud owners of a brand new bass. Brian was SO excited, and so was I! We took it out of its case, plugged it into his old amp, left over from college, and held our breath with anticipation....
And heard static.
Brian's old amp was dead.
Now you see the reason for my rehashing this old story. :)

VIOLA----the perfect Christmas gift!! I was JAZZED about the idea, and went right back to the same shop we bought his bass from. SO proud of myself, I drove my perfect gift home. It took me an entire roll of wrapping paper to cover the huge box. I planted it under the tree, grinning like the Grinch, and waited patiently for my husband to come home.
He walked in the door, looked at the box, got a funny look on his face, and said, "I think I know what it is."

That's right, ladies. He guessed my gift. And ruined Christmas. all honesty, he felt HORRIBLE for blurting it out...SOOOoooo...rather than lug the huge thing all the way to NC for him to open Christmas morning, I went ahead and let him unwrap it last night....

Hmmm....what could this be, I wonder?

A bass amp, perhaps??

In all fairness, he did let me open my "consolation prize" know...for ruining Christmas...

Good job, honey! A new Ipod, in my favorite shade of pink, to help me get back on the weight loss band wagon!!! :)

The moral of the story is....if you buy your husband the perfect gift for Christmas...don't wrap it and put it under the tree 2 weeks early. Instead, stash it in the storage unit, wrap up a brick with his name on it, and put IT under the tree!!!

Just a little valuable advice, from yours truly,


Crystal Raen said...

OMG, that's always such a horrible feeling when they guess the present you got them!

I don't mind if you use my idea of featuring other etsians :-) In fact I'm all for it :-)

Glad you like my new background :-) I love it!

Nascarnana said...

I learned that lesson many years ago when CD players first came I bought my husband one and hid it on the shelf in the back of our teenage daughter's closet. He found it because he was "cleaning".
I now hide his gift at one of the kids house til Christmas eve.


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