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Today has been a dreary day. It's been raining on an off here since yesterday, the sky has been cloudy and grey, and the weather has not been pretty. I was doing my thing at work, finishing up the day, and as I was leaving I happened to glance up at the sky. And that's when I saw it---the biggest, most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen in my life! We've all seen the little rainbows that pop up during summer showers, but this particular rainbow....well, it was SO big, I couldn't get it all into one shot, no matter how far away I walked!! I stretched all the way across the sky, from one side of our 2 acre facility to the other. I was absolutely in awe. And trust me, the pictures just don't do it justice.

Naturally, I ran inside to grab my camera. I didn't know how long the rainbow had been in the sky, and I didn't want to risk it going away before I had the chance to take a few pictures. I snapped two or three, and as I looked down to adjust the settings on my camera, to try and get a better picture, the lighting outside changed. Everything went.....yellow. Not slightly so, but YELLOW. Even the white buildings looked yellow. And I knew I had missed my shot. I did manage to get these 2 that are ok, but I wanted SO much to share the beauty of this rainbow with you!! The colors were just so vibrant! I immediately felt inspired!!

Speaking of inspiration, I got most of my Christmas shopping done yesterday! I took time out to visit my favorite bead store in the area, The Beaded Venus, and found some inspiration there as well...Check out all my goodies!!!

The teal and cloudy chalcedony, the olive green crystals, and the red and green glass beads are all for projects for my shop. The pretty silver disks are for a Christmas gift for my brother's girlfriend, Caitlin. And the large crystals are for a TOP SECRET project for my etsy shop!! I'm planning a BIG surprise for the new year, and I'm hoping it will be unique enough, special enough, COOL enough to put my shop on the map. So...I guess what today's post is all about is inspiration!! Find it wherever you can, and some places you don't think it'll be. Like work. On a rainy, dreary day.



Zen Ventures said...

wow that is such a pretty picture! Glad you took it :) anyway, visiting here via EC drop.


Duni said...

Lucky you to have caught that rainbow just in time! So, did you make a wish?


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