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Today started off as any other normal day might...alarm clock sounded, shower followed...I am having a good hair day, which is a bonus. But when I got the golfcart out to check the grounds at work, I noticed something...well, something I'VE never seen before...

A white squirrel??!?? In SOUTH CAROLINA?? He was SO adorable! I wish I'd had my camera with me, but I didn't, so I found this picture online so you could see how cute he is. "He" will be referred to as "Mr. Nutz" from now on in this post.

So I park my golfcart along the fence line to watch Mr. Nutz go about his daily business of rooting for seeds. At first, all I can see is his tail...and I honestly believe there was a ferret or something out and about. Because, really, who's ever seen a white squirrel? Then, as I step out of the golfcart to try and sneak a closer peek, his head pops up. Oh my gosh and golly! It's a squirrell!! Mr. Nutz had something in his paws that he was munching on--I was too far away to see what it was, particularly since I didn't have my glasses on--and he stood there for a moment, munching away, and studying me with dark eyes. At that moment I found myself wishing for my camera, my husband, and a sack full of peanuts.

I stepped forward so I could see him better, and "SNAP"....I stepped on a pine cone. Well, Mr. Nutz wasn't having any of that. He stuffed his prize in his mouth and took off up the nearest pine tree.

What a way to start the day!

In other father-in-law, Walt, who lives in the desert of Nevada, called yesterday with some interesting news. His part of the country usually looks like this:

But yesterday....his backyard looked like this:

That's right....SNOW. Not just a flurry. Not even just an inch. SIX INCHES of the desert. Now don't get me wrong, it's WONDERFUL for him! I can only imagine how excited the kids in Nevada are right now. I mean, they NEVER get a snow day. And just in time for Christmas!! But I have to be honest here and say that yeah, I am a little bit jealous!! I mean, SNOW? In the DESERT??? I WANT SOME!!!!!!!! Here we are, in South Carolina, and it's seventy-freakin-five degrees outside. I've been wearing short sleeves and rainbows ALL WEEK!! How is someone supposed to get into the Christmas spirit with that kind of weather???

By baking Christmas cookies, I suppose! (Great segway, right?? LOL) And that's what I'll be doing all weekend. So stay tuned for pics of my antics in the kitchen! Until then, stay on the lookout for adorable little woodland creatures in your neck of the woods!



MySweetThree said...

yes...go bake some cookies..I plan to do that today actually. Sugar cookies, to be specific..but I can't find my recipe for the best icing ever..and well, I just can not make them without my sugar cookies just would not be the same..
...getting off track...

a white squirrel???I have never heard of such a thing. That is just crazy. and even crazier is the snow in Nevada!! I would love some here...but it has been warm here too...but crazier things have evident by the white squirrel and the snow in Nevada!!.. lol

Nancy said...

Such a pretty squirrel!

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

that squirrel is so awesome....
check out my blog...I've left you an award..
Many blessings

KAT said...

That squirrel is so unique!! I have never seen one before!!

I have also left you an award over at my blog:
Please come over and claim it if you want. I love your blog, and feel you deserve this award.

Take care,

mu-yin jewelry said...

i hear's sooo hot here..I miss the snow in the Midwest..


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