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I've been perusing Etsy today, and have realized that, despite the warm weather in South Carolina, I'm still drawn to all things plushy, fuzzy, and adorable! Here are just a few little things I've recently added to my favorites list!

"Boy Wizard" Doll, from GirlCalledRic:

I just think this little guy is ADORABLE! I'm a huge fan of Har...ahem....Boy Wizards, and I would LOVE to have this little plushie to place upon my book shelf! Check out her ETSY SITE for even more adorable plushies, ranging from Star Trek characters, to even MORE wizards!!!

Unhappy Little Poop Bunny, from spidercamp:

I can TOTALLY appreciate the humor behind this little guy. I say "Poop" on a regular basis, particularly when I'm at work when I have to self-censor. And if you think he's cute, check out her ETSY SITE for even more adorable little bunnies, some who have sailor mouths! TOO cute!!

Love Those Blue Mary Jane Slippers, from Broken Hallelujah:

Don't you just want to snuggle your little tootsies right into these slippers?? Not only do they look warm and cozy, but the little white hearts on the toes make these too sweet to pass up! Check out her ETSY SITE for even more snuggly goodies!

Purple Heart Pocket Feltie, from amyjoshandmade What else can I say??? This adorable little purple kitty cat just makes me happy. For those who've read my blog before, you know I have 4 cats of my own, so anytime I find something kitty related, I'm hooked. Check out their ETSY SITE for the most adorable little felt stuffies!!!

I hope you've enjoyed digging through my Favorite's treasure's full of goodies I love to share! Best wishes to you and all your families in the New Year, from,


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are oh so cute!

MySweetThree said...

Best wishes for the New Years to you as well!! And Love your feet NEED those slippers!! =)

Duni said...

that little felt kitty-cat is cute, cute, cute!
a fantastic New Year to you also!


Angelika said...

Harry Potter is cute! :-)


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