Posted by Abby on 1:37 PM

Hello fellow bloggers!!! I have a little announcement to make.

I created Simply Charming in SC to help promote my etsy shop, and have gotten so addicted to blogging that I've decided to start another one!

The (Gradually) Shrinking Violet is going to be a frank blog about my struggle with weight loss. There will be all sorts of fun stuff there...candid insights, recipes that work, successes, failures, and milestones. All in one blog! I'm hoping that, by creating this new blog, I'll not only make new blogger friends, but will be able to separate a major part of my personal life from my etsy shop. I'd like to keep THIS blog strictly about my artsy side.

However, if you want to get to know me in a totally different way, check out my new blog!!

Happy Christmas Eve to all my friends, and until next time, I'll always be,


Marco Crupi said...

Hello I really like your blog, I would like a link exchange with you, I insert your blog to my favorite blogs ;)

the address of my blog is:

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Good luck and take one day at a time!
I find myself eating more when junk (food) is in the house so I try to keep it out but it's hard when my husband loves cookies and candy!

Duni said...

Congrats on starting a new blog! Yeah, blogging can be so addictive. I also have a personal blog, which I don't update that frequently, but I put everything in there that has to do with life in the country, day-to-day stuff etc.
Will be cruising by yours regularly☺

take care,



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