Posted by Abby on 3:17 PM

Obviously, the first thing you will notice is that my blog looks MUCH DIFFERENT from how it looked last night!.....

...I FINALLY found a template I can live with! Not only that, but it's pretty much exactly what I was looking for! Simple, charming, right color scheme...there are even daisies, which are my favorite flower! (In fact, they were included in my wedding bouquet, AND they topped my wedding cake...see:)

Hooray! But I CANNOT take credit for having found this template. In fact, I owe a great big THANKS and shout out to Duni from Lovely Purses!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! She ever so delightfully pointed me out to The Cutest Blog on the Block, where there are TONS of backgrounds to choose from. I'm thrilled with what I have, so thanks to Duni for coming to my rescue! My husband thanks you, too...he would hate to have a bald wife, and now that I have conquered the HTML beast (for now) I can stop pulling out my hair!!!



Duni said...

Hey Abby!
your new template looks even matches your EC widget! Good choice ☺
Your wedding cake looks gorgeous. Love the floral decorations and the beautiful photo on top!

have a good week


MySweetThree said...

Your cake was beautiful!! And I think you have given me the motivation I need to get on about my blog has taken a back seat for months..hopefully I will get to it...and soon!

Oh..duh, wanted to say...your blog looks fabulous!!

MySweetThree said...

So..after reading your post..I ran over to the cutest blog on the block and I updated my blog! How awesomely easy was that???!!!
I will have to give you a shout out in my next post for reading it here! Yeah!!!

Nascarnana said...

Hi Abby,
Your wedding cake is beautiful.
Look the new look of your blog.


Crystal Raen said...

Wow your blog looks so gorgeous! I'm envious. Now, how do you get a new background without it getting rid of all the stuff you have on your current layout??? or is that a no go?

Crystal Raen said...

How on earth did you pick one? They have so many beautiful backgrounds!!!!

Southern Belle said...

The cake is beautiful


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