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The turkey's all gone, the pumpkin pies are almost eaten, and the family's all gone back to work. But as of yesterday, it is officially my FAVORITE time of year! There's just something so special about Christmas, I'm not sure I can explain it. But I still get that butterfly feeling in my stomach when I find the perfect gift for someone. I still cry everytime I hear Silent Night (especially if it's Josh Groban). I still get giddy with excitement as I unwrap my Christmas ornaments to put on the tree. I think the thing that makes Christmas so special is that, for one month out of the year, I feel somewhat like a kid again. Isn't that what Christmas should be about?

I wanted to share with you my beautiful decorations this here they are! Brian and I always have a "Blue" Christmas. :)

As you can see, our tree is so far "sans" topper. The topper we've had for almost 4 years finally bit the dirt this year. Last year, we had to stick wooden skewers into it to make it stand up---and yet, it still had an impish tilt to it, despite our genius "ghetto rigging." LOL....we've been looking for the perfect topper to add to our tree this year, but we're having the hardest time finding one that isn't gold! I'd love to have a silver star or snowflake, and what would be even MORE perfect is if I could find one that I could put all-blue bulbs into, for that extra "Blue Christmas" vibe. How cool would that be???

Here's an up close and personal look at some of our ornaments. For those cat owners out there, you will appreciate the fact that all of our ornaments are kitty proof...AKA NOT glass! We learned that lesson the hard way with our first Christmas tree. By the time we took it down in January, we had approximately 4 ornaments left that weren't shattered into a gazillion pieces. Also pictured at the right is one of my all-time favorite ornaments---a sand dollar with a gardenia on it that reads "Charleston, SC." It was a Christmas gift from Becca, my best pal in high school.

Our boys were very interested in the process this year---this will be Scooter's first Christmas as a Chamberlain, and he was intrigued by the prospect of having new furniture to climb on.

Pip, however, remembers the tree, and the water gun, from years past, and quietly took his place underneath the NEAR as possible, without getting into too much trouble.

And finally, it's stocking time---every Chamberlain needs a place to hang their sock!

Mommy and Daddy get BIG socks, and....

Each boy gets a little sock!

I look forward to getting up every morning and turning on the Christmas tree lights. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of holiday parties, gift shopping, and general hullabaloo. I try to take a moment every single day to just lay in the floor, gaze up into the boughs of the tree, and enjoy the blue twinkly lights....and BREATHE.



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