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Suffice it to say that last night was a crummy night. Despite all our well-laid plans, hubby found out that he has to work a double on Christmas Eve, and another the day after Christmas....which leaves our out-of-town Christmas plans in ruins. I've been really upset about it since I found our around 6 last evening, and the Christmas spirit, which usually runs thick in these veins, has been running thin. I didn't even start my Christmas baking last night, which was in the works, because I was so bummed out.

But this morning, I awoke to some sweet, wonderful, AMAZING news that not ONE blogosphere friend, but TWO, have awarded Simply Charming in SC on blogspot some fantastic awards!!! It's the first time I've ever been honored in such a way, and so I'm thrilled to tell you a little about each!!

The first award received was given by Robin (TQMNurse) from Robin's Nest--Scrap Out Loud. I've been a follower of her blog since very early on in my "blog" career (as my husband calls it) and am so touched that she would think to nominate me for the "Lovely Blog" award!!!

I have to give another shout out to The Cutest Blog on the Block for the awesome blog template that made my blog look so FANTASTIC!! Now all I have to worry about is keeping the content up-to-date, checking my spelling, and continuing to entertain the masses with my wit and intelligence (hahaha).

Having never participated in an "Award Ceremony," I'd like to offer the rules for participating. Now that I have received the award, it falls to my hands to select seven blogs I adore, and nominate THEM for the honor. So, for those of you lucky seven, here are the rules as were published on Robin's blog:

The Rules :
1. Add the logo to your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received this award
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs
4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are "One Lovely Blog"!

And so, without further ado....drum roll are MY 7 picks for the "One Lovely Blog" award!!!

1. Tizzalicious Crafts & Cuteness
2. My Art & The Mom in Me
3. Lovely Purses
4. CurlyFrySC
5. Lula Boutique
6. Crystal Raen's Recycled Craft Things
7. Cen's Loft

You'll notice a majority of them are South Carolina artisans from the SC Etsy Street Team...and those that are not are still etsians! I can't help it...I read what I love! :) So congratulations to you 7 ladies...I'm so happy to be able to nominate you for this award! It gives me a great feeling to tell the world (or at least my readers) how much I enjoy your blogs!

Now onto award number 2, ever so graciously given by my new blog friend, Kat, at Candles, Crafts & Whatnot. This one is the "Blog Love" award. And as you know from previous posts, I'm all about sending some blog love!!! There weren't any rules with this blog, so I'm going to name a few below for you to check out...I'm spreadin' the love!!!

1. Jenn Cooks
2. Lenox Knits
3. SC Etsy Street Team
4. Meeting Street Design
5. RocknRoll McAshley

So I'd just like to say a final thank you to Robin and Kat for helping me smile today---you'll never know how much I needed it!!! And to all those featured award winners---keep doing what you're doing!!!

Until next time, love from,


Duni said...

Wow, I'm so honoured to receive an award from you! Thank you so much.
This really cheers me up, because I've been overworked lately and not feeling too good.
Sorry about your ruined X'mas plans. What a bummer. Hope other family members will be there to bring some X'mas cheer to you!

THANK YOU so much for this award

Take care


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Aaah Abbey!! Thank you so much for the brilliant award..I have put on my best party frock to come and collect it!!
You made my day!!
I hope that Christmas turns out well for you and that you have a great holiday.
Hugs and thanks

Crystal Raen said...

Thanks so so so so much :-) I'm truly flattered!

I've posted my seven and am now off to let them know!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas despite the hubby's work conflicts :(

Tizzalicious said...

Thank you for the sweet award! :)

MaryMarsh said...

Why Abby, you have absolutely made my day! Thank you so much for the Blog Love award!! I am so honored and thrilled to receive such an award! You are awesome! Many, many thanks!! So sorry about your Christmas plans but hope you have a joyous day filled with lots of Christmas cheer anyway.

Thanks again!! *hugs*

MySweetThree said...

You sweet, sweet thing, you!!

Thank you for the lovely award...and congrats on yours..and poo about your husband's work schedule...I wish you a very, very merry Christmas..Obviously you are a bit down that you won't be able to be with some of your family this year. I am in the same boat..a lot of my family are very, very far away with our recent move.. =(
May Christmas be cheerful for both of us! =)

rocknrollmcmama said...

Thank you Thank You, and Congrats on yours too!!!

KAT said...

Thank you for your kind words, and congrats on your other award!

Your plans aren't ruined, you just have to adjust and make the best of it!!

Take care,


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