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I felt compelled today to make some sort of post about the Inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama. I'm so excited for today, and ready for a change in our country. For the first time in a long time, I can feel HOPE shimmering in the air!!

Since this is a blog about crafting, and not a political blog, I decided to feature a few Etsy artists who I think will help me express the feelings I have today! Here they are!

This gorgeous pendant is double-sided, reading "Hope" on one side, and "Yes We Can" on the other. It can be found at JuliaCatherine!! Julia's shop is filled with gorgeous jewelry, ranging from engraved pendants, like this one, to adorable floating heart earrings and delicious apple green drop pendants. You must check her out!!!

I just love this design, and you can only find it at twigsandheather! She calls it "truly one of a kind" and she's right---this peace symbol is simple but elegant, and speaks a thousand words at just a glance. Check out her shop to find beautiful nature-inspired jewelry!

Doesn't this gorgeous oil painting from GinnetteCreations make you proud to be an American??!! This Etsy shop artisan is from Jonesboro, Georgia, and the harbor you see depicted behind the flag is Savannah. It makes me tear up a little, it's just so gorgeous. And a true testament of pride in our nation!!

What can I say? This one says it all. This photograph, available at risamay, is the perfect representation of everything today stands for, for me. Not only would it be a beautiful addition to anyone's home, but according to the artist: "the proceeds from the sale of this series were donated to benefit the Obama for America 2008 campaign, up to the legal campaign contribution limit. Now that Barack has been elected, all proceeds will be set aside in a fund to do good works; as inspired by Obama's mandate to the American people to reengage in civic life and become more involved on a personal level, to enact change/s." How great is that?????

I hope, wherever you are today, that you take a moment to reflect on how lucky we truly are to be Americans. Whether black or white, Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, we truly live in the greatest nation on the face of the planet. Where else could a day like today happen??

Until next time, friends, God bless you AND God bless America!!!


Sedie said...

This was a very creative way to get your message across. Thanks for sharing the shops . . . It was an amazing day, God bless America!

Audrey said...

Hello - found you through entrecard. Love your blog!! the "hope" necklace is wonderful.

Lenox Knits said...

What a great post! I love the items you picked to reflect your thoughts as well!

Tialey Vintage Clothing said...

I have nominated your blog for the lemonade award. Stop by my blog for the details:



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