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Many may have already noticed my lovely new button...just to the right of this post. I am proud to announce that Simply Charming in SC on etsy has received a much-needed, much-anticipated, much-AWESOME make-over!! Say hello to my new etsy banner and entrecard button!!!!


I absolutely adore the new design you created for my shop! I love the colors, I love the vibrancy, I love it, love it, love it!!! For those who might not know, I'd like to point out the lovely green palmetto trees---that's South Carolina's State tree, and appears on our flag!! When Diana and I started talking about what I wanted for my shop, I told her I'd love to incorporate some aspect of SC into the design, and this is what she came up with!!!

If you haven't already, you should TOTALLY check out her shop. Her work is fantastic, it took no time at all, and she was open to endless possibilities!! So if your shop, or blog, or entrecard need a makeover, Diana's your girl!!!
In other news, I finally got things worked out over at ArtFire, so I'm ready for the world to see my new shop there!!

Yay! You'll notice most things are the same as the things listed in my etsy shop...with the exception of one or two things. I did list another Sunchime there yesterday that I haven't listed at etsy's called "Roygbiv."

It's a rainbow! :) Anyways, check out my new shop!! My main focus right now, other than promoting my new Sunchimes, it taking more pictures of the jewelry I've been trying to sell on etsy now since September. I think I'm getting a lot better with it, and am learning (by trial and error) all the things I need to know about lighting, props, white balance, flash, and the macro setting on my camera to make my pictures "etsy quality."

Well anyways, I need to go wake up my hubby and send him to the grocery store. So I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy the Super Bowl!!!
Hugs from,


Audrey said...

Isn't Diana great!! She upgraded my blog for me and I love it!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Thanks for the LUV!!!!

KAT said...

Wow!! I love your new buttons and design!! I'm going to have to go check her out!!

Also, I've left you another award over on my blog..

Have a great weekend!
Take Care,

Meka Candles & Scents™ said...

I love the new button and header! She did a great job. Congratulations:)

MySweetThree said...

I ADORE the button and banner...Absolutely adore it!!! =)


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