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I've been thinking a LOT lately about my home at Etsy. I love my shop, and I love the way Etsy works...but I'm just not making any sales!!! I get tons of compliments on my work, from friends and strangers alike, and for a LONG time I was worried that I wasn't "Etsy material." But the longer I've thought about it, and the more I've researched it, the more it just seems like Etsy might be a little too filled with other jewelry designers. It's true what they say, that people love variety...

But a little too much variety makes your head spin, right?

So I've been trying to decide exactly how I want to continue on with Simply Charming in S.C. in this new year. And I've got a couple of options.

Option #1: Stay with Etsy, but create my own website that links to my shop, to help promote even MORE! This was my hubby's idea. He seems to think that people would have an easier time finding me through search engines than they would on Etsy itself. We have a little experience with creating web-sites...we created the site for the business that I run: Lock-Tite Mini Storage. Of course, our hands were tied with this design, because the owner of the facility didn't want to pay that much for it. (It took me 3 years of working for him to convince him that people actually use the internet just as much...if not more...than the yellow pages!!) So the simple, blah design was NOT my idea...just something basic to appease the boss. I'm sure that I could come up with something a little more fantastic for SC. But that would be a LOT of work, and I'm unsure of just how much of an advantage it would give me.

Option #2: Perhaps I should move SC to a different website. I haven't done too much research into this yet...I did look at ArtFire, and it seemed just as saturated with jewelry artists as Etsy is now. There were even numbers to back it up. I just don't know that much about selling online...we did a dry-run on Ebay a while back and had no luck, either. But it seems like there must be a website out there where I could sell my jewelry and feel more like an individual. As it is, on Etsy, I don't just feel like a little fish in a big pond, I feel like an amoeba in the Atlantic ocean...

So here's where you guys come in---what do you think??? Do you have any suggestions? Websites to check out?? Tips? Advice? I've just started thinking about this in the last fews days, so any feed back would be MUCH appreciated. :)

In other news...

Am I just a gooftard or can blogger be a bit of a pest when it comes to adding pictures and graphics and whatnot to your blog? What's with the always-posting-at-the-top-of-the-blog-no-matter-where-your-cursor-is thing? And what's with the add-extra-spaces-between-all-your-paragraphs-when-you-add-a-photo thing?? Am I doing something wrong? I'm getting used to it, now, but it still aggravates me sometimes.

Another blogger observation---is it just me, or are the nonsense words they ask you to type in to verify comments absolutely frickin' hilarious?? I've taken to writing some of my favorites down, and trying to pronounce them outloud. Bertske. Fisharp. Ransors. Kesse. LOL...Bertske has become a word I replace with my not-so-nice words when I'm censoring myself at work.

There you go. Randomness. :)

Ok so, let me know what you think, bloggers!! The time for change...if I decide to make NOW!!!

Until next time,


Crystal Raen said...

I recommend you check out: she sells some of her stuff on a site called Lollishops ( i think that's right) and she is also writing blogs with advice on how to promote promote promote!!!

Good luck!!!

BeadedTail said...

I agree that Etsy has an overabundance of jewelry sellers but I'm not sure what other route is the best way to go either. I'll stay tuned to see what responses you get!

As for blogger, the extra spaces after adding pictures annoy me too. I don't quite understand why it does that but I sure wish they'd fix it! Oh and the word I need to type for the verification on this post is "winkedi"!

KAT said...

I just love your observations! They make me laugh!

I am on Artfire, and so far no sales, but lots of looks...and am thinking of "winkelf" still have to read up on it though....will let you know how it goes.

Take care,
p.s. my word verification is dishol, lol
I don't even use the verification thing on my blog, and I haven't gotten any spam?? Luck? or no-one reads my blog??? lol

Hot Rocks said...

I hear you regarding the Etsy...ameoba in the ocean thing! I only sell on Etsy, and I have a website that links thru to Etsy...listed under "Store" on my own website, just like you are thinking of doing. I think that is great exposure, but not sure how much it really increases the sales. I find most of my sales are done thru art and craft sales and home parties....the online part is just very small.Feel free to check out my website if you want some ideas:
and my word verification for you today is "conant"! LOL!!!


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