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I just can't believe it!!! I just got a wonderful surprise from my new friend Cher at Pancakes to Pearls!! She's given Simply Charming in S.C. another TWO blog awards!!! Holy moly, am I ever feelin' the love! My head is spinnin'!! I just featured several wonderful blogs, both here and at my other blogger site, The (gradually) Shrinking Violet on yesterday, so today, I'm only going to feature for each award!!!

The first award, the Butterfly Award, goes to the coolest blog I know!! Indie Sista's!! I just stumbled upon their blog earlier this morning, while dropping my entrecards, and I think their blog (and their Etsy shop!) is most definitely worth checking out!!

The second award is all about spreading the "Blog Love!" This one was tough, because you all deserve a LOT of blog love, but I'm giving this award to Kat at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot! Not only did she absolutely make my day yesterday with the lovely awards she left for me, but her blog is fun, colorful, and always delightful to read!

So congrats to those two blogs---and happy blogging to everyone else!!

Big hugs from

OH and PS: Stay tuned for some news from Simply Charming in SC, coming soon!!! I've got the crafting part of my secret project all all I have to do is have some decent weather for photographs!!! Hooray!!!


Nancy said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and the award for Indie Sista's!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Thanks for posting my button. I am interested in getting a bracelet made, so maybe we can barter some of my designs for a custom bracelet!

KAT said...

Thanks for your well wishes, and the award....I have posted it on my blog now.

And no, you are not bad
Take care,


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