Posted by Abby on 2:25 PM

I got some wonderful news today---my Under the Sea Sunchime was listed in a lovely ocean-themed treasury...

...which can be found HERE!!!

How exciting!!! I have to thank Gracee from Abeachthing, for including me in her lovely treasury!! Gracee creates the most wonderful beach-inspired art, from jewelry to hand-painted signs and more. Check her out!!

Also, a special thanks to Bettie from BirdHaven for coming to my rescue and helping me figure out how to post the above picture of the treasury. When I couldn't figure it out, she offered to do it for me!! How sweet is that!!! And not only is Bettie kind-hearted, she's a brilliant gift-card designer!!! So check her out, too!!!

Hopefully, this will mean I'll finally sell that Sunchime---here's hoping!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed, people!!!

I also wanted to ask all my fellow crafters out there for your opinion on something. I've been trying to promote my shops, both at Artfire and on Etsy---which is how this blog started in the first place! I also have a Facebook page and a myspace page. I also drop entrecards. Now I'm noticing everyone talking about Twitter. Is Twitter an effective way to promote my shop?? Or will it just take even more time away from crafting?? I'd love to hear your opinion on this subject---I've also posted an opinion poll up top. So don't be shy---tell me why you LOVE Twitter, or why you hate it! And tell me what it will do for my shop if I join!!! Thanks for any input in advance!!!

Till next time, from,



MySweetThree said...

Abby!!! Yay!! I am so happy for you and your Sunchime!!! :)

Crystal Raen said...

yay! congrats!!!

KAT said...

Congrats to you!! And Happy Belated birthday!!!

I tagged you with a fun meme over at my blog, and I am still smiling from my answers....?? play along??? I'd love to hear your answers!!!

Take care,

MySweetThree said...

Tag, You're it!



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