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I can't believe it's Tuesday, and I haven't done any crafting in what feels like weeks!! I've got a huge project lined up, all my supplies purchased and waiting in their little plastic bags to be organized and put to use. The last week or two has flown by amidst doctor's visits and trips to the pharmacy! I'm definitely feeling like my blog, AND both my shops are suffering! But the important thing is that I'm feeling better, I've got a great plan of attack with my doctor for future progress, and I've got my energy back. So HOORAY for that!! (If you're interested in details regarding all this medical stuff, you can find them at my other blog, The (Gradually) Shrinking Violet!)

The one thing I've manged to accomplish was FINALLY getting some business cards professionally printed. The ones I was printing off my computer were usually hit-or-miss. Sometimes they looked fantastic, other times they printed crooked or the colors were off. So I met with my friendly neighborhood Staples, found out what my options were, and designed a business card that they printed off for me for next to nothing!!

So they look a ton better than THIS picture when they're all printed up, but I wanted to give you an idea of what they looked like. I'm thrilled with how they turned out! My next plan of attack is to create a little display of some of my jewelry to put in my office. I got my boss's permission to start selling here, so that's fantastic. I bought this adorable little photo tree to use as the display. It's black iron...I'll take a picture of it when it's all done and put it up for everyone to see. I'm just going to stick a few business cards in there, and hang some earrings where the pictures are supposed to go...and VIOLA! Instant jewelry stand!! :) So if I can't sell online, maybe I can sell in person!

Hopefully I'll have some new Sunchimes to list, soon. So, until then...happy Tuesday, everyone! From


mu-yin jewelry said...

your biz cards look great!I don't spend much on my biz cards either, because I know most of them end in the trash anyway. But they always come in handy.I use they to write my thank-you note when I ship jewelry.

cherscrap23 said...

Those cards look great...and glad you're feeling better!

KAT said...

Wow!! I love your business cards!! They look great.
And I hope the tree works out okay, please take a pic to let us see it!!

Also, I know I am late, but I posted the tag the other day, and the award today over at my blog...thank you so much!!!

I've just been delayed because of all the problems on the ezine I edit and write for..we had layout problems that I had to fix...

But all is good now!!! :)
Take care,


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