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I'm so happy to report good news today!! Things have been a little hard for my family the past few days--you can read all about it on my blog, The FatKat Kronicles. But I want to talk about all the WONDERFUL things that have been happening in my little blogosphere in the past few days!!!

First of all, if you'll recall, I wrote a blog a few days ago about my best blogger pal, Duni over at Lovely Purses, who was hosting an awesome giveaway on her blog! Naturally, I entered the contest, and was hoping to create even more support for her giveaway by blogging here on S.C.!! I was shocked and honored to find out that I WON!!!! How exciting is that??? I can't wait to receive my beautiful sleep mask, hair accessory, and change purse!!! Thank you SO MUCH Duni!!!! I couldn't be more excited to be your big winner!!!

My second bit of good news involves my sweet pal Kristin from My Art and the Mom in Me. She has been so kind as to give Simply Charming in SC the most fantastic award I've been awarded since I started blogging. It's called the "Generosity Award." I've never seen a blog award like this one, and I'm excited to share it with a very special few of you! But first, let me share the rules!

1) Show generosity towards others in the blogging community by giving a small gift of appreciation. This can be free advertising, a card in the mail, or anything else your imagination takes you.

2) Send this award to at least five others. If you wish to send the award to more then that, feel free to. Generosity has no limits.

3) Link back to the person who sent you this award.

4) Copy the rules as well as the award into your post.

5) Enjoy yourself and have fun!

I'd love to share this award with the following blogs!

Beaded Tail
Crystal Raen's Bloggy Things
Lovely Purses
Diana Rambles
Candles, Crafts and Whatnot

AND my awarder, My Art and the Mom in Me

Ok gang, so here's the me your mailing addresses at! I'd like to send you a little something...but it's a surprise!!! (For those who live out of the US, know that I've never, ever shipped anything internationally before, so it will be a learning experience for me!! But I'm up for the challenge!!!) If you're wary about giving out your mailing information, contact me at my email address, and I'll let you in on the secret via email.) It's like Secret Santa, except it's not Christmas, you know you're getting something, and it's via email! LOL! Thanks, Kristin, for including me in this special award--I look forward to spreading a little love with this! I wish I could've included all my favorite blogs in this little giveaway...but another day, I promise!

I'd like to close with a couple of pictures of how I spent my day yesterday...hopefully, if you're feeling the Monday blues, this will bring a smile to your face, if only fleeting. Happy Monday, everyone!!!


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Aww.. Abby, you are too sweet!! I was going through the mounds of mail we accumulated in the last 3 weeks, when I saw your comment and had to come over here...We put our mail on hold, and the mailman brought it to our door.. an armload of mail, lol.. mostly junk, of course, but it will take a while to sort through!

First off.. How jealous am I that you won Duni's giveaway!! And then, lol, you put a picture of your feet in the sand! ARgh! I want to be there..well.. not on your feet, lol, but on the beach!! =)
I will send along my info in a bit!
Happy Monday!

KAT said...

Abby you sweetie you!! Thank you so very much for thinking of me, and I am happy that Kristin included you too!! I have to get off my duff and think of something special myself to pay it forward!!

I will send you my info shortly, but first let me say that I am also jealous of the beach and the water and the sand!! We still have snow here!! Ughhhh!

Again, you are a dear, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I am completely jealous of how you spend your Sunday. It looks FABULOUS! Do you still have my contact info? I need to think on this generosity thingy...I've got to come up with something to giveaway.

BeadedTail said...

What a nice surprise Abby! I just took a quick break from my hectic Monday and saw your note and came on over here and you brightened my day! I'll be sending you my address! Thank you so much!

Congratulations on winning the prize from Duni! I wanted to win but when I saw you were the winner I was so happy for you! You deserve it and I'm sure they will all be wonderful!

And of course the beach looks wonderful! The Oregon coast here is a tad cold right now - actually the water is pretty chilly all year but Sadie loves it anyway! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Duni said...

omg - I woke up to this amazing, beautiful, awesome post of yours! Wow, Abby, YOU are the most generous person. I love this award! I feel so honoured to be included. ♥THANK YOU♥

Love your painted toe nails. If you can walk around barefoot, it must be pretty warm at your place. I'm so jealous. Please send me some sunshine!



ps - to the above ladies...there will me another giveaway in future with runner-up and consolation prizes. Stay tuned!

pam said...

Congrats on your award. I haven't seen that one either!!


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