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Calling all blogger friends!!!! Our dear friend, Kristin, from My Art and the Mom in Me, is being hosted at a giveaway!!!! It is our duty, as her blogger friends, to rush over to Diana Rambles, read all about Kristin and her art, and enter this contest!!!!

March Madness has arrived, people, and there's no better time to participate in all these wonderful blog giveaways. I mean, seriously, where else can you find these gorgeous paper mache beads, which are the prize for this particular giveaway???

As soon as Diana mentioned to me that Kristin was going to be a featured artist in the March Madness Giveaway, I immediately marked my calendar, rushed right over, and entered to win these sweet, pink polka dot beads!!! And believe me, these little beauties are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kristin's talent! You have to check out her ETSY shop to see it all!! So get on over to Diana's blog, and start entering contests, people!!!!

PS: While you're there, if you haven't entered the contest to win one of my designs, you can find it HERE!!


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Aww... I have no words for that wonderfully adorable post.

Okay. I do.

hee hee.

Thank you, Abby! You are such an awesome, sincere person, and I am glad we met in this bloggy world..if it can't be the real one.

You are a sweet friend.

One Creative Queen said...

Wow - I am being featured on The Dirty Shirt on Sunday, the 15th - will you pretend you're my friend and write a totally awesome post like that for me, too? lol

That is cool that you wrote that for Kristin - and I will go over and enter both of your giveaways right now. I love Diana - and was thrilled to be her VOTW this week (on her CBD blog). She's awesome!

Thanks for the head's up - and don't forget to enter my watch giveaway over at The Dirty Shirt on the 15th! (Or you can always enter my monthly Woot Loot contest - this month it's for a bracelet - it's on my blog under, umm, Woot Loot. lol)


Duni said...

Kristin's polka dot papier mache beads in pink are adorable! Too bad I can't participate in the giveaway due to my location!

KAT said...

What a wonderful post you did for Kristin!! You are sooo sweet!!!

I have entered...good luck to us all!


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