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I'm home!!! What a wonderful weekend!!! The Kansas weather was certainly less than satisfactory for a wedding weekend, but fun was had by all anyway! Trish and Drew were married at Danforth Chapel on the University of Kansas campus, and it was a truly beautiful, personal, unique ceremony. My reading went off (mostly) without a hitch. There may have been some crying involved, which could have possibly been extremely humiliating, but I can't confirm or deny that. Ok, I'm lying. I cried like a baby. I was doing so well all day! But then I saw Trish coming down the aisle with her dad, and, well...I lost it. Which was unfortunate, because I read right after he gave her away. LOL. Trish was radiant and absolutely stunning...

...and this photo gets me started every time I see it!! This is Trish reciting her vows. So sweet! The music they chose for their wedding was so perfect for them, and made the ceremony feel that much more "perfect" for the couple. Trish walked down the aisle to "Your Song" by Elton John. Her friend, Melia, sang a wonderful version of "Let My Love Open the Door." Trish and Drew exited as man and wife to "Wrapped Up In Your Love" by Garth Brooks, and the topper, for me, was the postlude---"Burnin' Love" by Elvis Presley. So great!!!!

The reception was SUCH a major blast. There could have been...or not....copious amounts of alcohol to be consumed, since the weather kept some of the guests from coming. But, I don't think those of us who DID make it were having such a hard time keeping the bartender busy LOL. There was LOTS of dancing, including the Electric Slide, a particularly hilarious Soul Train-inspired dance line, and there might have been some Sir Mix-A-Lot...I'm fuzzy on the particulars...

Trish and Drew shared their first dance to "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, and they were SO CUTE singing to each other on the dance floor!!!

I went on this trip with our other long-time friend, Becca, who was my "plus one" at all the events, since my hubby had to stay home. We've all been friends since 1993, and it was so fantastic to have all of us together again. Trish's Dad made absolutely sure that Becca and I knew how much it was appreciated that we'd made the trip to the wedding, when so many hadn't. The Gates family has always been so good to us, so Becca and I were thrilled to be invited!!! The best picture taken of the entire weekend--the three of us together. This one's destined for a frame...

Friends like these are truly priceless. Truly.

Let me back pedal just a wee-bit.....for my role as Reader in the ceremony, Trish got me the most wonderful gift!!! She approached one of her favorite Etsy designers, Susan Olivio of Solivio, and asked her to put together a tutorial for me to learn how to make one her fantastic bracelets!

How wonderful is that?? Apparently, Susan creates wonderful tutorials, but Trish wanted one specifically on wire-wrapping, so Susan created this tutorial just for me. I can't WAIT to get started, and I'd like to offer a thank you to Susan for helping Trish with this gift. It was SO thoughtful, and very well received, and I'm really excited to see how everything turns out. And thanks to Trish for being such a thoughtful friend!!

I hope all of you had great weekends, too! I look forward to getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs! Until next time, big hugs from,

PS: If you'd like to see more pictures of the festivities, you can see loads more on my Facebook page!


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Oh my gosh!! What a wonderful gift!! You must have been beyond beyond thrilled!

And you all looked so beautiful!!

And can I just say that I am cracking up at your story telling??!! I LOOVE IT!!! Your so funny, Yabbiness!!

Glad you had a safe and FUUUN trip!!

Meka Candles & Scents™ said...

I wanted to let you know I've passed an award on to you :) You can pick either of the two and pass it on if you'd like - no pressure.

Love stopping by your blog!


KAT said...

Glad you're home, and glad you had a wonderful time!! And let us all know how good that tutorial may have to copy it and send it to us!!! lol

And I love the pic of you and your friends....there's nothing better!!

Take care,

Duni said...

I got goosebumps all over reading this post!
The bride looks stunning. And the 3 of you together is such a lovely picture. Love your green belt/sash. That's a really thoughtful gift!

take care,



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