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Yay for games!! Sweet Duni from Lovely Purses thought of me in her latest post, and tagged me with a new game is all about the number "8." Thanks, Duni, for sharing!! She either remembers how obsessed I am about things like this, or else she's just curious to hear my answers. So...on with the fun!!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. A visit from my husband's aunt in the next few weeks. She's so much fun!
2. Sunday, sleeping in, and enjoying my day off
3. My best friend and college roommate, Jenna, is coming to visit in June!!
4. My father-in-law and lil' sister-in-law, Walt and Rosie, are coming for a visit in June as well! All the way from Nevada!!!

(This picture was taken last year, when we visited THEM in Nevada. We were at the Hoover Dam! Pictured, from left to right, my brother-in-law Timm (who's not coming this time), father-in-law Walt, Rosie, me and the hubs!)

5. My first jewelry party at the end of April (although I'm nervous, too!)
6. The Sims 3!!! Comes out June 2!!!! I can't wait!!!! You may not hear from me much!!! LOL
7. The next day the hubs has off from work.
8. All the fantastic summer movies that are coming out soon (Harry Potter, Star Trek, Transformers, Wolverine)

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Worked
2. Blogged on ALL my blogs, including The FatKat Kronicles and The (Gradually) Shrinking Violet
3. Updated my eDiets page with my latest weight loss----5.4 pounds last week! YAY!
4. Tried (unsuccessfully) to nap off a raging sinus headache. (Don't worry, it's gone now.)
5. Treated Harry, my cat, for his eye infection. Twice.
6. Played with Scooter, a lot.

7. Finished yet another book.
8. Watched a movie.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Take an extended vacation somewhere tropical.
2. Buy a house on the beach.
3. Visit family more often.
4. Run. I'll get there soon, though!
5. Win the lottery so I could stop working.
6. Make my blogging and jewelry obsessions into profitable business. Again, so I could quit my job LOL
7. Travel the world.
8. Dance like the people on So You Think You Can Dance. They're so amazing talented!

8 Shows I Currently Watch (this will be easy for me, I'm a TV fiend)

1. Heroes
2. Big Bang Theory
3. Chuck
4. Bones (Because David Boreaneaz is H-O-T-T hot!)

5. CSI
6. Criminal Minds
7. Ace of Cakes (on Food Network)
8. Private Practice
That was fun!!!! Rather than tag a whole bunch of people, if you're bored (like me) feel free to fill it out and post it on your own blog!!! HUGS!


Duni said...

Of course I'm curious...!
That's nice that you have friends and family visiting in summer!
You play the Sims? I used to, but I'm no good at it!!!

enjoy your weekend,


KAT said...


I loved your answers....
And congrats on the weight loss!! Woo go girl!!

And I agree with some of your shows, you are funny.

Take care,

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Love how you're all wearing sunglasses! Hope sunscreen, too!

Meka Candles & Scents™ said...

I loved your answers! I'm sooo excited about the sims 3 too, i already ordered my copy, did you get yours ordered yet?


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