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For those who might not be Facebook friends of mine, I wanted to share some gorgeous pictures with you from my day with the hubs yesterday! We went to Cypress Gardens, hiked on the nature trails for about 2 hours, took a 45 minute canoe ride, and took in all the gorgeous nature around us!

Here we are in the middle of the wilderness, about halfway through our hike. It was like being in a fairy-land! The only sounds around us were the birds, the frogs, and the buzzing of various insects. Bliss.

And this is us in the canoe!! We were able to take the boat out and do our own "self-guided" tour of the swamp. We were told to look out for gators, but there were lots of other people on the water, too...some with loud kids. So the only animals we saw were turtles and fish. But it was still wonderful!! For those who may live in or around the Charleston area, it's totally worth the drive to come to Moncks Corner and visit Cypress Gardens! They also have a Butterfly House, a Reptile House, and a great little gift shop.

In more blog-related news, I found a new bead shop nearby!! My favorite shop is in Mt. Pleasant, which is about an hour away, and hard to get to on a regular basis. But I found another one in Summrville, which is only about 20 minutes away, so that's good!! For the most part, though, I was disappointed in their stock. Mostly glass, plastic, and tacky. But they do have a little room that has nothing but gemstones, and I was all about that! Their prices were reasonable, and some of the stuff I bought is great quality! That's exciting! Good gemstones are hard to get at a decent price! So here's what I got:

The strand is blue agate---gorgeous! In the center, from left to right, there is crackled quartz in blue and pink, candy jade in blues and greens, 2 funky hunks of amethyst, and some blue African sodalite. Yummy!! I'm looking forward to seeing what I can create with these gorgeous gemstones!! I've got enough to make duplicates (and some triplicates) so I'll be able to list some new things on my shop! FINALLY!!! :)
Hope you all have a fabulous Thurday! The weekend is almost upon us! Hooray!!!


Duni said...

The flowers look so pretty! All of your pics are beautiful! Canoeing must have been fun :) Looks so peaceful.
The blue and green beads are fabulous...
Yeah, I can't wait for the weekend to arrive too!

take care,


ps - I hope the package isn't stuck in customs. grrrr.

Duni said...

Tag you're it!!!
please visit my blog for details when you have time...



Raghu Menon said...

Beautiful images.


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