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Hey, ya'll! I mentioned the other day that I had FINALLY finished a special order that I'd been working on since early March. Well, my customer hasn't picked them up yet, so I thought I'd take some pictures so you could see what's been keeping me so busy!! :) I completed two sets for her, one to match a black onyx bracelet I'd had up in my shop, the other to complement a green and brown charm bracelet I'd already made.

(Please forgive the quality of the photos--I just snapped them really quickly so you'd get the gist!) This one's my favorite. I LOVE the necklace!!! The picture doesn't really do it justice, but there are these great speckled glass beads that are just fantastic. It's casual enough to be worn to work or to the store, but it could easily be paired with a black dress for a fancier feel. I just LOVE it! Here's the other:

Lots of green, lots of's a very spring-like set. And she loves it!! The customer I created these items for is the very same who will be hosting a jewelry party for me at the end of the month! And THAT'S what I've got to get to work on!! Creating lots of new designs, duplicating some that have sold really well, and re-filling my inventory!!! I haven't decided whether to list those items on either shop as of yet....I hate to pay the listing fee, only to sell it at the party. If I finish any Sunchimes or anything I don't plan to take to the party, I'll certainly list those, though. I miss my shop!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! And that I'll have more news for this blog again soon! Big hugs from,


Kat said...

Love them! You are so talented.

KAT said...

Abby, They are gorgeous!! I LOVE THEM!!!

You did such a great job on them! Anyone would be thrilled to pieces to own them!!

Take care,

Duni said...

Oooh, they are so pretty. I love the nature-inspired one! What a lucky customer!
And having a jewelry party must be awesome! I hope you'll share this event on your blog!




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