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Well, ladies and gents, once again I went and let life happen, which kept me from my Sunday afternoon of crafting. :) Ever have one of those lazy days where all you want to do is a whole lotta nothin???? Well, Sunday was that day for me. And it was WONDERFUL. But alas, I did not complete (or even start) the crafting project I'd hoped to get done. Another day, another dollar, I suppose. I'll get there one day.

Meanwhile, I've been wanting to create some new items to go into my shop. I have 2 or 3 things I could list, but keep putting off the photography because it's such a labor-filled process. When I take pictures I like to have a LOT of things to list, because it takes me so long to set up, get the light right, set up each photo, etc...but I may just have to bite the bullet and have a short session sometime in the next few days, so I can get a few new items up.

As always, I'm constantly looking for inspiration when it comes to my jewelry design. Low and behold, I was standing in line at Target with the hubs yesterday when I suddenly spied with my little eye a magazine I'd never seen before!!!

Could it be?? Is it true??? There's a magazine just for us bead freaks?? WHO KNEW?!?!?

My husband said that I made a noise much like a trapped bird when I saw the mag on the stand. Something along the lines of "EEEEeeeeeK!"

I haven't delved in yet, but it's on my agenda for today. I'm hoping to atleast get some inspiration for a new design, but if nothing else, I'll enjoy looking at all the pictures and maybe learning some new techniques!!!!

In a last little tidbit of news...I'm feeling a bit miffed with Entrecard this morning. This whole "paid ad" thing just ain't doing it for me. I don't have a problem with bloggers or fellow etsians who go this route. I just have a problem with ads about stuff I'm not interested in, and I don't think my readers will be all that interested in, being foisted upon me like so much rubbish. I thought I'd have control over what goes on my blog and what doesn't, but I read a really enlightening blog written by my pal Kat over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. She's pulled some quotes from the Entrecard literature that really puts the whole thing into perspective. If you're a fellow dropper who's questioning these new business tactics, I say go read Kat's blog, and let the decision-making process begin. I'll paraphrase here what I said in a comment on Kat's blog: I'm all for giving a company I like the benefit of the doubt when they're making changes that will help them in the long run. But when the main customer base is suffering, at what point do they realize how much they've screwed up? Does it take losing your most faithful, long-term droppers before they get the message? I guess we'll just have to see.

At any rate, I hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful day!! I might not be around too much until Thursday--the hubs has an unprecedented day off tomorrow (no school, no work, no nothin!!) so I'll most likely be spending the day with him. I think we may take my folks to a late lunch at Jestine's've never had better meatloaf in your life! Or Coca-Cola cake. Or banana pudding. I know I'm on a diet!!! But everybody gets a cheat day, right? :) Bye everybody!


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Abby! You are soo cute! I love your story telling.. it felt like I was standing in line with you when you said, ""EEEeeeekk" LOL! Enjoy some Coca Cola Cake!! :D

Duni said...

I have quite a few of those 'do-nothing' days. That's the reason my shop isn't fully stocked yet either! I really need to be more disciplined in this area ☺

When I see my fave sewing mag on the stands I make a "miiiieeeewww" begging kitty sound

enjoy your easter holiday,


One Creative Queen said...

Hey Abby - I've subscribed to Bead Style for quite awhile and love it. I'm glad you found it! :) There are a couple of other really good ones, too...but I won't tempt you. haha

If you think about it, drop by my blog tomorrow. I'm working on a post (that will post tonight) about EC and their silliness. I've also made my own EC sign, available for anyone who wants to protest the latest ads. Anyway, if you remember, check it out.



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