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What do you get when you combine kindness, fabric, and a wonderful friend? You get a surprise package from Duni, the author of Lovely Purses!!! A couple of weeks ago I got a special gift from my far-away friend---this adorable, sheepy tissue holder!

How CUTE is that??!?!? I just love it!! Duni has been such a great friend to me since I started my blogs, and she's a faithful reader who always leaves wonderful, heartfelt comments. I was thrilled to receive this special gift from her, and it goes with me in my purse everywhere! Duni has a talent for taking rich, gorgeous fabrics and turning them into purses, bags, and other little goodies that you can treasure forever. I've always loved fabric, and love to shop for it and look at it, but I never learned how to sew! So I love to look through her shop and dream. You have to check her out!!!!

A little update regarding my last blog: my customer FINALLY finished paying for her special order, I gave her the jewelry, and the transaction is finished. YES! While she was in she was telling me about her family's financial woes, and it only solidified my decision to skip the jewelry party with her---at least for now. I've yet to have an opportunity to set up and photograph the jewelry I have to list....there are several reasons for that. One--NO sunlight. It's been rainy and overcast here for sometime. Two--NO time! My hubby and I have been concentrating on two fronts recently--exercise and reorganization. Any free time I've had in the last week has been dedicated to working out, cleaning out closets, and doing my spring cleaning. So--I'm hoping that this long weekend will give me time to set up my lightbox and get some new items listed up on Etsy! So, stay tuned!

I've also been really thinking about the future of my Etsy shop. It's pretty much been a failure, at this point. I'm not making any sales, and I think there are several reasons for that. I make jewelry, like 75% of the other sellers on Etsy. And because of the way the search on etsy works, if you're not listing new items constantly, you basically fall the bottom of the search barrel. Which means NO ONE is finding my shop. I also think the economy is partly to blame, and no matter what I do to change up my shop, nothing is going to change that. But I've been doing some brainstorming with the hubs lately about how to increase the traffic flow to my shop, and here's what I've been thinking...

Let me back up a bit. We're having guests come to stay for a week coming up in June, and I've been coming up with all these little projects to beautify my house. One of them was to go through all the hundreds of pictures I have on my computer, pick my favorites, mess around with photoshop, and frame them for wall art. That got me thinking....

Maybe I could add South Carolina themed framed photography to my shop?!?

So...I'm looking for feedback. I've put together a slideshow (which I tried fruitlessly to post on Blogger, but it just wouldn't let me) If you have a second to take a look at my slideshow, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think! I'm wondering two things: 1) is it good enough to sell? Would you buy it? and 2) does it fit my shop theme? Or should I consider opening a new shop? Thanks in advance for any feedback!!

Let me know what you think! And in the meantime, here's hoping y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!



Nascarnana said...

Your pictures are great. I especially like the black and white ones. I believe they would fit your shop. They picture some of the charm of SC.

BeadedTail said...

Cute gift from Duni! And congrats on getting the payment for your special order! About the photos, they are fabulous - love the tiger one! I certainly think they'd fit into your current shop since they are from SC. I'd combine the two because the traffic generated from the photos could lead to jewelry sales and vice versa.

KAT said...

I love the pics and also feel that they would fit in with your current need to get another shop! You are already advertising SC in your title, so you have that covered!! Anything to do with SC will fit.

And congrats on your lovely tissue holder from Duni!! I love mine!! She is truly special!!

Take care,

Duni said...

Oh Abby, you are so sweet to write such nice things about me and my blog! And the kind comment you left on my blog really means A LOT to me.
I looked at your slideshow - you really have a good eye for unusual shots. I love the black and whites, the one of the bridge and the magnolia and the weird tree are awesome! I encourage you to sell these, but don't give up on your jewelry just yet!

take care,


ps - my word verification for this comment: creative :)


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