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A few weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity to enter a Crafting It Forward Contest over at my dear pal Kristin's blog, My Art and the Mom in Me. Kristin is one of those people who has creativity just oozing out of her pores. Her paper mache beads are impressive enough, and THEN you see the amazing sculptures and artwork she makes with them---well, gosh darn it, it's enough to make you drool! I've always been envious of Kristin's never-ending talent, and her willingness to find inspiration from every aspect of her life. So when I found out there might be a possibility of winning my own little piece of that creativity, I just HAD to enter.

And I won!!! Kristin contacted me about a week ago to let me know that she'd drawn my lil' name out of the hat, and that she'd be sending me something handmade by her. AWESOME!! To my delight, when I opened up the mailbox today, I had a big, yellow package, just for ME! Needless to say, I was VERY excited...

(LOL...please ignore the awfulness that is my skills with photoshop...I didn't want our addresses showing so I went in and apparently spread pixellated mustard all over everything. Sheesh that looks awful. Anyways...)

You can only imagine, given the state of excitement on my face in the above photo, just how much better it was going to get when I opened the package! There was a sweet note inside, and Kristin explained that she found inspiration for my special gift from a Facebook post she saw between my hubby and me. So she created this GORGEOUS wire sculpture wall hanging!

How adorable, and creative, and sweet is that???!? It's really one of the most heartfelt gifts I've ever received. My favorite part of the sculpture is that she formed the word "love" out of the wire---SO creative:

And my second favorite part is the awesome paper mache focal bead in the center!!! My absolute favorite color is green, and with the yellow and white polka dots, it's just so happy and colorful!

Oh Kristin, you clever, clever girl!! So I'm telling you guys, seriously, if you haven't checked our Kristin's etsy shop,
PaperMacheBeads, you absolutely have to check her out, especially if you're interested in creative, interesting, colorful artwork for your home.

And so, with Kristin's generosity comes my OWN Crafting it Forward Contest!! I'd like to make something, just for you!! The only rule: you have to keep the generosity train movin' and send one of your own handmade heartfelt creations to someone else! The gift I create will most likely be jewelry of some sort, and I will talk details with you once you've won the contest (i.e. gold/silver, gemstones, preference of style, etc.)

To enter, you must be a follower of at least ONE of my blogs (this one, The FatKat Kronicles, or The (Gradually) Shrinking Violet). Then, leave me a comment letting me know you're a follower, and also, tell me all about the most generous thing you've ever done for someone else. I'll be drawing a name from a hat at random one week from today: Saturday, June 6, and will announce the winner then!!! I'm so excited to be participating, and thanks once again to Kristin for my wonderful sculpture. Happy Saturday, everyone!


BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful gift from Kristin! I love how she added the word love in the piece! She is so talented and such a special person! I hope you are still participating in my Craft It Forward as something special is in the works for you - I'm just a little bit slower than Kristin in getting the prizes out - (sorry about that!).

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Awww, Abby! I am so so glad and excited that you like it! I tell you.. I saw that post that you wrote about your husband and the image of what I wanted to make for you just popped into my head! I hope you find a way to hang it easily!!

And I hope you have a great rest of your Saturday...

Thanks, Friend, for such a great post.. Really, really made my night!!

Big ((hugs))!!!



KAT said...

I am definitely a follower of your blog, and I want to join Craft it Forward too!!!

I love to craft and I love to give, as you please enter me in your contest!!!

Let's see, the most generous thing I have done (excluding the award thing we did) was probably when I gave a woman $500.00 to keep her little shop open and then I never saw her again!! She closed the shop and moved! I guess that was either pretty damn generous of me, or pretty darn naive. But it felt good when I did it...just not when she ran out on me! I have a big heart and sometimes it doesn't work out for the best.

Or, I have taken in many, many strays so they would have a home. All my pets have been strays and led long and happy lives.

And I also always hold doors open for people...LOL geeesh, I sound like I am campaigning for something!!

KAT said...

Just me again, Duh! I forgot to say how beautiful that piece was that Krisin did for you!!

And also, I have given you an award over on

Come and get it!! LOL

Take care,

Nascarnana said...

You've been tagged! If you want to play along, visit my blog for details:

Duni said...

That's awesome! And the lettering add that final special touch. A very thoughtful handmade gift from a very creative person! Lucky you!!!
I'm already participating in crafting it forward and just over a week ago the winner was chosen. But like BeadedTail - I still have to MAKE it. haha.

take care, Abby


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Awesome! Kristin makes some cool do too!


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