Posted by Abby on 10:15 AM

I've been so busy creating new designs the past few weeks that I've hardly come up for air!! I recently discovered a shop in downtown Charleston called Black Market Minerals, and I've founds lots of new inspiration there! Going to the store is such an experience, but you can also find them on the web at

I've bought Botswana agate and freshwater pearls and moonstone. I've bought pendants made of African sodalite and kiwi quartz and tiger jasper. I've created necklaces with ceramic pendants and mookaite jasper.

I've got a TON of new stuff to photograph and list, which I'm planning on doing this weekend, so stay tuned!!

On a sidenote, I made a $6 purchase at Michael's that has TOTALLY changed how I make jewelry. It's a bead board!! It's made designing so much easier, which just makes me want to create even more! Who knew??
Stay tuned for new designs!!! (Can you tell I'm really excited to be designing again???!) :)



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