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Hi gang! I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post on this blog. I'm getting seriously behind in keeping up with things!! But I guess it's a true testimony to how little I've been crafting. I have posted some new things on my Etsy site in the last few weeks, and I have a few new things to add. But a majority of my free time has been spent with the hubs, who took the summer off from school. It's been great fun!! But he'll be starting back in a couple of weeks, and I'll miraculously have a TON more time to blog AND craft. So hopefully things will start heating up here, as well.

I did manage to find a moment or two to enter TeamSC's July summertime challenge...and WON!!! My prize---I'm a featured seller on our team blog! You can check out the interview

I'm not sure if it'll mean more traffic to my store or not, but I'm hoping it will!!!

Meanwhile, in more personal news, I got a new wedding ring!!!

Explanation: Bri and I got married in 2004, and 3 days before the wedding, when I arrived at the jewelry store (which will remain nameless) to pick up my wedding band (which I had ordered in white gold, to match my engagement ring) they handed me a beautiful ring, precisely the one I had ordered. Except it was GOLD not WHITE GOLD. With so little time before the wedding, I had 2 options: let them send the ring back for the right one and NOT have a ring for the ceremony, or let them plate it so I could take it right away. Well, not having the ring wasn't an option. So, on the promise that plating wouldn't look any different from a white gold band, I had them plate it and we left.

Over the course of 4 years, we had to have the band replated twice, and it was time to be plated again. Brian said, "We're going to spend a fortune over the next 50 years replating this ring. Why don't we get you a new one?" So....we did! The ring on bottom is my engagement ring, and the diamond band is the new ring. I LOVE it! I can't stop looking at my left hand---it's like being engaged all over again!!! :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and that you're out enjoying some summer fun, too! Until next time,


KAT said...

Oh Abby!!

I am so happy for you!! You can feel the smiles coming through the computer..I can tell you are ecstatic!! Good for you!!

Congrats on your featured seller too!! Way to go!!

I hope you are always this happy!! You made me smile as I was reading this.....Big Time!!

Love ya,

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

It is GORGEOUS!!! I am so happy for you!! And happy that you are having such an amazingly wonderful summer.. really and truly.. And now the featured seller??!! Too cool!!! Off to check it out!!

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new wedding set! And kudos on being the features seller! Your interview is wonderful and I enjoyed it very much!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Duni said...

Hey Abby!
That's great news all around :)
Congratulations on being the featured seller - about time too!
Your wedding ring is simply gorgeous. I like white gold too, although mine is gold, since hubby prefers gold. So I went with his choice :)



Crystal Raen said...

Wow the ring is beautiful!!! :-) have missed reading your blogs, hopefully I'll be blogging a bit more as well. Later!


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