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That's right. I'm still alive and kickin'. Having lived my life, I'm not surprised at all that it's been since September since I last blogged. However, you, the reader, having not lived my life the past few months, I'm sure you're quite surprised to finally hear from me again! I'll not go into huge detail but let's suffice it to say that the end of 2009 wasn't such a terrific time. But I'm bouncing back in 2010, and I'm SO excited that it's the New Year! I'm looking forward to making this year count in a MAJOR way!

So, since our last encounter, I've taken a role as the official "Birthday Greeter" on TeamSC... which is the PERFECT job for me. I volunteered because I really wanted to be more active in my team, and in my Etsy shop, and this particular assignment allows me an easy way to achieve that goal. I have an obligation to log in everyday to check the calendar for birthdays, and that means I instantly become more active! Not to mention, I get to send birthday wishes--how happy is that??!?

I thought it would be fun to also feature those sellers with Birthday Blogs! are a few awesome SC sellers who have had recent birthdays--you should really check them out!

Flash Forward Photography is one of those shops that you just can't stop looking at--gorgeous photos that make you want to visit South Carolina. She celebrated her birthday on Christmas Eve, and this is my favorite item from her shop:

It's called "Sunday Morning," and it's an 8X10 photograph of the pier on Folly of my all time favorite places in the whole world. Isn't it gorgeous?? You can find it HERE.

We also celebrated a New Year's Eve birthday with our friend Adriane, from our beautiful capital, Columbia, SC. She sells the most vibrant, colorful, and fun hand painted silk items in her store AdrianeMichelle. When I first looked at her shop, I immediately thought of fireworks because there are SO many colors!! Here is my favorite item from her inventory:

She calls it a Digital Fancy Silk Scarf, and you can find it HERE. I chose it because I think the colors are reminiscent of a tropical ocean. Beautiful.

We have 3 birthdays coming up in January, and I'll be featuring them here on their big days! I've always been proud to be a member of TeamSC, but as I'm learning more and more about our artists, it's staggering to me the amount of talent we have!! If you're interested in more South Carolina artisans, you can search for us on Etsy using the keyword "teamsc." You can also shop our Team Store!

Until next time...(And I promise it won't be 3 months from now!)


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Yay Abby! I have missed you.. I have not been so "regular" with my postings either...but I try to get on here.. maybe...weekly? bi-weekly? Tri-weekly? lol..see? not regular.. anyway.. I hope you have the best year ever in 2010! Love ya!

Duni said...

Abby! Finally a sign of life from you! I missed you...
Wishing you a wonderful 2010, filled with happiness, health, love and peace!



Kat said...

Nice to hear from you again Abby! Life has been taking me away from my blog as well but I manage to check in when I can. Hoping for a wonderful 2010 for you!


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